Thursday, August 1, 2013

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

My parents have a beautiful garden (one that I'm entirely jealous of since our blooming season in Arizona is so short), so I thought I would take advantage of the flowers and test out the macro part of my lens on my dslr.  

A short backstory: I was given this amazing dslr for my birthday 3 years ago, but had absolutely no idea how to use it.  Not only was it too far above my photography skill level, but it had more buttons than I knew what to do with!  Skip to the present, after I finished my 35mm Film Photography course at school I fell in love with photography again and decided to whip out my camera. just so happens to be a Nikon D2x, which (when it came out) was Nikon's top of the line professional camera. I just so happened to inherit a gem of a lens as well!  So now that I kind of / sort of know how to use my camera I've been trying to take it everywhere with me so I can practice using it.  The only weighs 2.5lbs, which really seems like 10lbs when you're lugging the camera everywhere!

So there you have it, my short story on my giant camera and lack of adequate skills.  Now enjoy some photos of flowers!

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