Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Little Rant About Our Little Rental

Andrew and I moved into our rental house just before Christmas last year.  When we moved we were only thinking we would be living there for a short while because we were looking to buy a house.  Then life hit and decided that wasn't in the cards for us in the near future...typical.

For whatever reason we still haven't totally unpacked our house.  Maybe it's holding onto the hope we will move into something better, but then we see the (relatively) small size of our rent check and think...fuck it, we'll stay.  Regardless our house is a total disaster.  I mean, I have only had 3 people over to the house in 8 months because I'm embarrassed by how gross it is.

Those of you who know me (or even lived with me) have some idea of my OCD tendencies.  I'm a neat freak (note: that did not say clean freak).  I like everything to have a place.  I like matching stationary sets.  And I especially like everything to look pretty.

I feel that 8 months is enough of a grace period for getting a new house in order, and I have promised myself that I will make our rental into a home.  Over the next few months I have vowed to find everything a spot in our home.  If it doesn't have a spot, it doesn't stay.

I will try to take before and after photos as best I can so you too can laugh at the state our house is in!  I don't promise our house will become Pinterest-worthy, but I do promise that it won't be a sore to look at!

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