Friday, August 2, 2013

Spending the Day with Grandma

My Grandma is a special woman.  Spending time with her is always one of my favorite things to do whenever I come home.  She has lived such an incredibly full life and continues to do amazing things everyday!  For example, a few years ago she decided to compete in the Angel Island swim (a 1 nautical mile swim from Angel Island to Tiburon in the freezing waters of San Francisco Bay) and was the oldest person ever to have competed!  She's pretty awesome!

Grandma cutting flowers for her church
So naturally I was excited to hang out with her during this trip.  Luckily she caught me on my cell phone as I was driving to her house.  It turned out she was helping with the floral arrangements at her church.  So I made a quick stop to meet up with her.

Church courtyard

Alter floral arrangement

Close up

I love this color

I've always loved stained glass windows!

Left over flowers - they are donated to the church from a local florist.
I was only at the church for 30 minutes or so before we went back to her house.  Since I caught her a little earlier than she expected she needed to get ready for the day.  I was happy waiting and ended up taking more photos of her flowers!  I think I need a new subject!

These are off her deck in her backyard - yes that's right, she lives in San Francisco and has a backyard!  

Purple my second favorite color!

These were the biggest succulents I had ever seen!

Her dining room floral arrangement
 Grandma quickly changed and we were off again.  We headed over to the Legion of Honor to check out their new exhibit, 'Impressionists On The Water'.
Entering the museum

Entrance to the exhibit
Unfortunately cameras were not allowed in the exhibit, so no pics of the impressionists; but, if you're really interested and you live in the Bay Area you should check it out!  It's pretty impressive.

Next off the Rodin room where they have a permanent collection of his work.  It's incredible what he was able to create out of stone!  These photos don't do his work justice.

Love it.  On our way through the parking lot Grandma pointed out the old street lamps.  Apparently the bases are adorned with images of 'old San Francisco life'.  Pretty cool.

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