Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Night Fit for Fundraising

A and I rarely get the chance to get dressed up here in Prescott, so when the opportunity arises we jump at the chance! This time it was a fundraising event a friend of ours was hosting for her teen center. A fun filled evening with booze, food, and a fashion show...how could you not want to go!?

We walked in and greeted a few people we knew and went straight for the bar!

Luckily for our friend, there were so many people they ran out of seating! 

While we were waiting for the fashion show to begin I decided to get some henna done! I sat down and introduced myself to Amber, the henna artist (who also happens to be a local yogi).

First she needed to clean my finger to help the henna stay
I've always loved the look of henna on hands, so I chose a beautiful finger design and she went to work.

It was so interesting watching her freehand the design. Amber learned how to henna by spending time with her dad in Venice Beach! 

Here's the finished design. I was very happy with how it turned out. :)

Once my henna was complete I met back up with Andrew and grabbed some of the yummy food.

Luckily it was just in time to see the beginning of the fashion show. It was fun to see the local clothing stores getting involved in this fundraiser. 

I'm so glad that A and I were able to get out of the house and join in the fun! We even won one of the silent auctions - a yoga pass to the local hot yoga! I'm super excited about it because I was planning on getting back to yoga this summer, so win-win!

Haha! I had asked A to take a picture of me and my new henna and this is the best he shot! Yes, he does have a degree in photography, but people (and iPhones) aren't really his thing!

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