Monday, May 19, 2014

Friends Who Move Mountains

I was reminded last week how amazing my friends truly are. I know everyone thinks their friends will do anything for them, but one of mine literally moved mountains for me. You see I stumbled across the most amazing shoes that I just had to have for my wedding. I desperately wanted them, but alas was too slow on HauteLook and so someone else snatched them up!

Of course this would happen to the only shoes that I loved. Oh, did I mention that A liked them too!? So I did what any sane, 21st century girl would do, I scoured the internet to find said shoe. I could not find them anywhere! I searched high and low, on every single website that is even remotely linked to shoes, and yet nothing. I did happen to find them on eBay, but 2 sizes too small. I was doomed.

So last weekend at the cocktail party my parents threw (post to come) I mentioned this tragic story to anyone that would listen. The following Monday (my birthday, it just so happened) my mom, A, and I went shopping to look for wedding shoes. We went to 12 different stores and I hated everything I came across. I just couldn't get these shoes out of my mind, and every shoe paled in comparison. I even tried calling the designer store in San Francisco to ask about the shoe. Apparently it was last year's design and no store had it in stock. Ugh.

We got home around 1pm exhausted and disheartened, when I received a call from one of my besties. She asked if I was sitting near a computer with my credit card handy (of course I was...). "Go to the designer's website" she said, "the shoe, in your size is online, but only for the next hour!"

She managed to do the impossible. Somehow she was able to speak to someone at the designer's home office, convince them to bring the last shoe in my size out of the warehouse and put my shoe on the website so I could buy it! No freaking joke...

Happy birthday! Happy wedding!

P.S. I've asked this friend to do the honor of marrying A and I. Pretty confident she can pull that one off too!

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