Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Wedding Wishes

I'm the worst at this wedding stuff.  I don't even like to organize regular parties, let alone a big shin dig. But I am kind of getting into this whole wedding thing.  While we may not have the date set (sometime early August 2014) or the location (somewhere near our small town in Arizona), we do have a theme of sorts.  We both want it to be fun, frivolous, and relaxing.  Think outdoorsy, chill lawn games, and just a bunch of friends getting together to drink champagne.

In light of my lack of party skills, I've decided to throw together a fun post of wedding awesomeness.  These items may or may not be used in our wedding, but at this point it doesn't matter!


Not even sure we'll be having cake, but if we MissSarahCake on Etsy
Beautiful Glitter Dress by WillowMoone on Etsy
Floral Crown by littlehoneypies on Etsy
Lawn Games sign by TRUECONNECTION on Etsy
Lawn Games score cards by SunshinePartyStudio on Etsy
Found on Style Me Pretty
Succulent boutonnieres as seen on Ruffled Blog
That's all for this week folks.  You can check out my Pinterest page for other wedding ideas.

xx Maddy

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