Friday, July 12, 2013

Achieving my 2012 Goals

I just recently turned 25 ~ gasp ~ I know...I'm soooo old...

Since reaching this momentous year I've been looking back at everything I've accomplished throughout my short lifetime.  I have done a lot.  Like seriously, heaps of stuff has been checked off my bucket list.  I have found, however, that to grow as a person we need to continually challenge ourselves and our preconceived notions.

For example, last year I set out with two major goals; to quit smoking and to complete a triathlon.  Now each of these goals in their own right are difficult (trust me I tried quitting a million times), but trying to conquer them both in the same year?  Crazy!

Well I am pretty crazy.  I had always been in awe of people who compete in triathlons.  How put your body through 3 serious sports one after the other!  But I wanted to do that.  I wanted to be one of those insane people who could say to others,
"Ya, I've finished a triathlon.  No biggie!"
I got this crazy idea from my superbly awesome dad.  When I was younger he was crazy enough to compete in an Ironman!  What a weirdo.  He trained for 4 hours a day, everyday, for almost a year!

What a stud!
 My dad wasn't in peak physical condition when he started out for his Ironman, so why couldn't I accomplish my pretty achievable goal of a Sprint Triathlon?  I could.  The only person stopping me was, well, me!  As cliched as that sounds, I would be the only one capable of completing my goal, or standing in my own way.

So I trained, and I trained.  And then I trained some more.  I certainly wasn't (and still am not) in the best physical shape.  Having worked at an office where it was very regular to be sitting at a desk 10+ hours a day, smoking around a pack a day, and routinely eating terrible foods, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

But on November 3, 2012 I completed my first ever triathlon!  I somehow even convinced my dad to compete with me!

My dad and I after completing the Marin County Sprint Triathlon
My biggest fan!
My entire family came out to support us!  It was the most incredible feeling...accomplishing something you knew was going to be extremely challenging.

I would never have been able to finish the triathlon if I hadn't stuck to my first goal...quitting smoking.  That in itself would have been enough of an accomplishment for me.  I had been a smoker for 5 years before finally quitting.  My life will never be the same again.

I don't bring up my incredible feats to rub it in your face!  Far from it.  I share with you these goals to remind myself that you have to keep challenging yourself.

Which brings me to my next list of goals - 30 things to do before I turn 30.  To be shared soon!

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