Thursday, July 11, 2013

Popping the Question

Photo Booth shots from the night of our engagement...We obviously weren't ready for the first photo!

Since so many of my friends have been asking about how Andrew proposed to me, I figured I would share it here.

Andrew and I had a whirlwind romance.  We had only been dating for 6 months before he popped the question, which seemed a little short for a few people in my life!  Never the less, I had known that Andrew was going to ask me to marry him.  Andrew is not a subtle kind of guy, and throughout our courtship he kept dropping hints that I was the one.  
"Maddy, you had better be nice to me otherwise I won't get you a big ring!" - Andrew
Like I said, subtle...

Ultimately I decided to go to Brazil for 3 weeks for a much needed vacation.  He bugged me everyday I was there, and later he told me that time spent apart is what solidified his decision!  I guess distance does make the heart grow fonder!

I arrived stateside and the following day I picked up Andrew from the airport - he had flown in to ask for my dad's permission.
"Don't worry Maddy, I talked him out of it!" - Dad
That weekend Andrew and I flew down to LA.  I had already booked a flight for one of my besties birthdays, so while I was catching up with her Andrew went ring shopping.

Being the romantic that he is, I had assumed Andrew had planned an elaborate proposal.  And really, I had assumed correctly, however, mother nature had other plans!  That weekend we had a horrible heat wave and the temperature climbed to 105!  His original plan was to take me to the rose gardens at Caltech, but quickly decided he did not want us both to be sweating during the proposal.

Since it was so hot, in order to cool down I hopped into a cold shower.  We then proceed to watch some TV before we had to get ready for dinner with his parents.  Andrew tried to lie and say he wasn't able to find a ring he liked in order to throw me off.

Well not even 10 minutes later, while I'm still sitting on the couch in my towel, he retrieves something off the bookshelf!
"I'm only going to ask once" - Andrew
"Omg...get down on one knee!  I don't care if you're a cripple!" - Me - Our third date Andrew had knee surgery and was, at this time, still recovering.
"Maddy.  Will you marry me?" - Andrew
"Omg...there's a light in the box....I mean...YES!" - Me - seriously though...there was a freaking light in the box! It did make the ring sparkle like no other!
After several minutes of me screaming and jumping around like a little girl I told Andrew that we had to go shopping because the only nice dress I brought was not wife material - is was mistress material!

With a new dress and a sparkling ring we headed off to dinner with his parents.  They were a little peeved, because apparently he was supposed to ask me at dinner.  Andrew is not a very patient person! After a wonderful dinner we trekked out to West Hollywood for my besties birthday were I was able to show off the ring to a few close friends!  All in all, it was a wonderful, totally Andrew & Maddy kind of proposal!

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