Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Honeymoon - Part 2

Day 2:

After a full night's rest we rose bright and early the next morning. We wanted to grab an early breakfast before we went out scuba diving! As you can see Andrew was super pumped for the day ahead.

Our scuba was lead by a company called Scuba Steve (can't make this stuff up). The company received the best reviews from any on the island, so we booked ourselves for 2 dives. 

Didn't get all the water off the camera for this photo! Oops!

As you can see the weather was pretty crappy. It rained on and off all morning, so none of our stuff was dry by the end of the day. Apparently the island had a big storm a couple days prior which drastically reduced the visibility. Luckily for us, the vis was still pretty decent...about 60 ft. 

Behind us are the Pitons...the landmasses that makes St. Lucia famous (and what the beer is named after)! What's remarkable about them is that they shoot 2,000 ft into the sky straight from the ocean, and they are just as steep going into the water too. 

After a full day of scuba (and a very light lunch) we were starving when we got back to the hotel, so we sat at the bar for a second lunch!

Of course I had to make fun of Andrew's goggle lines! I think his mask may have been a little too tight!

Smiling selfie after a long days swim.

Once we finished second lunch we went back to our hotel room. Unfortunately the power had gone out while we were away...the rest of the hotel had power through a generator, but not our room. If it was just the lights that weren't working it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but the water pump was also electric so we weren't able to use our shower or our toilet!

We tried talking to management, but they said they were working on the issue...4 hours later and still no power. So we decided to leave to room for dinner and we ran into the GM. He informed us that there was a room they would allow us to shower in, so we told him to find us at the bar when the room was available. 

Trying to put on happy faces.

What better way to kill time than to drink our favorite beer?

A short video of the storm that ripped it's way through! 

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