Saturday, August 30, 2014

Trip to LA & Rehearsal Dinner

And we are on the road again! Andrew and I have two weddings this week so we spent the day traveling to LA. Unfortunately the car started overheating after only a couple hours, so we spent the rest of the drive (in the desert no less) with no ac! We did arrive safe and sound, and hurried to get changed for the rehearsal dinner for RJ & Sarah's wedding. 

The rehearsal dinner was held in Pasadena on an outside patio. Luckily for us the sunset was beyond beautiful. 

I just love how the sunset bounced off this building next to us. 

I mean...come on. Just beautiful. 

Andrew and I enjoying the dinner (and thank goodness it's not ours)! 

The beautiful bride and groom. Just a stunning couple inside and out and we can't wait to help them celebrate their big day tomorrow. 

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