Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bachelorette Party

No pre-wedding celebrations would be complete without a bachelorette party, and I was one lucky girl to have so many girlfriends fly out early to help me celebrate my last "single" days! Lacey, my sister and MOH, planned an amazing wine tasting tour around Sedona. 

The day started out early, with all of us girls meeting at Starbucks before getting chauffeured by my family to Sedona. After a couple hours and a few wrong turns we found our way to the meeting point. We all piled out of the cars and into a limo party bus.

Starting the morning off right...that may or may not be champagne in my glitter cup!
The first part of the trip I was able to sit next to some kiwi friends (who are now transplants in CA and Australia, respectively)! It was great fun catching up with girls I never get to see!

Hope is not at all impressed by my jokes!

Okay I finally managed to make her smile!
A quick toast to my final days and off we went to our first winery.  


First stop - Page Springs Vineyards. 

Our server thought I was a total weirdo drinking out of my glittery chalice, but I swear it made the wine taste better!

After sampling some of the wines we took a stroll around the beautiful grounds. 

A beautiful canopied staircase between the vines

On a stroll around the garden

Annie and I (she's a soon-to-be bride too!)

Christa and I

Group shot
Some girls were far more adventurous than others...hiking down to the river below. 

3 Kiwis - none of which live in NZ at the moment!
I was not one of those adventurers and decided to hang back and practice my picture pose!

Christa, Michelle, and I with our driver Calvin

We snuck Lacey into the shot too!
Finally we all made it back to the bus, and Calvin gave us an explanation of the next winery.  

An odd grouping but I love them all!
Somehow as the course of the day continued everyone stopped taking pictures! After the second winery we stopped for an incredible boxed lunch and of course drank some of the bottles previously bought! After our short pause we all boarded the bus again and Calvin whisked us off to our third and final winery. 

There we learned about the wine making process and how the grapes are chosen at just the right time. It was a really interesting lesson on the complexities of wine. 

Oh...and the wife of the owner tricked me and stamped my back with this classy stamp! Too bad sitting on the bus rubbed it off!

Classy and sassy all rolled up into one stamp!
Finally we all boarded the bus for the last time and there we played around with some fun props and made our way home!

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