Friday, June 27, 2014

Color Dash

Kyleen and I - Before and After!
While Andrew was away on his Bachelor party river rafting the American river, I signed myself up for the Color Dash with my friend Kyleen! 

All nice and clean

Before we went for our run
Before we started the dash, we ran into some of our friends from Captain CrossFit! A few of us got a little heavy handed dishing out you can see I was hardly hit!

The Color Dash followed the 5k trail at Brownlow in Prescott. I had no idea this trail even existed, but I'm very happy I found it. I'm definitely going to go back and run it again! There were a ton of hills, but the trail has both a 5k and a 10k loop, which will be perfect for my training.

Start/Finish line
Kyleen and I finished the dash in pretty good time. We saw some friends along the trail and just had a good time chatting (when we had breath)! 

A little dash of color
Kyleen got a lot more color than I did!

Our friends got a little more color than we did!

Meeting up after the run
Our friend's son decided I didn't get nearly enough coloring on me, so he proceed to throw his whole bag of yellow pigment on me right after this photo was taken! You can see him plotting back there!

Captain CrossFit crew!
Here we are with some of the CrossFit women that showed up! Overall it was a super fun day and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is wanting to take part in a fun run. It's not at all competitive, so grab some friends and sign up for one in your town.

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