Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Horseback Riding - LA style

During the bridal shower Bridget convinced me to go horseback riding with her. We've been trying to go out riding for almost a year, but our schedules never really allowed for enough time. Luckily, this trip I had a whole day to kill, so we made our plans and met at the stables!

Selfie before my hair was ruined horseback riding!

I managed to convince Andrew's brother D to come along, which worked out perfectly because I could borrow one of his horses! We got a late start but once the horses were saddled up we went off for our ride. 

Lola and I took up the rear, but only for a short time. Lola's not happy unless she's leading!

I was riding Lola - the world's most stubborn horse! She didn't like being lead by a three year old horse and threw a couple tantrums because of it! She also wasn't very happy listening to me, but we did alright in the end. 

Beautiful Bridget and her handsome horse!

Bridget has had her horse for 5 years so of course he was perfect the whole time! Luckily too because D had to break in his young horse, Lula. Lula didn't like to do much of anything - trotting, crossing through water...I think she'd much rather just hang around the stables and eat! 

D riding through the tunnel
The ride took us a couple hours, but I had a blast! I can't wait to get back out there again!

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