Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Triathlon Training - July Schedule

July marks the beginning of Week 4 in my training schedule, which means I get a 40% break off my training! A lot of people forget that you need to back off your training program every 4 weeks or so. This allows your body time to rest and recoup, which will help with better gains in the gym or outside.

Since July also brings a lot of traveling for me, I have reordered my schedule to accomodate this. It's not always easy to fit in your training while traveling, which is why I've been researching possible alternatives while I'm away from home. For example: the second week of July I will be in San Francisco visiting family, and obviously won't be bringing my bike. So instead of doing an outside ride on the 11th, I will be going to a local spin class to get in my allotted training time.

Preparation is key for any training schedule. Even though I'm traveling, I don't want to let my training fall by the wayside. I am making this triathlon an important part of my life, which is why I created this training program, and why I will be following it as best I can.

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