Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jenny's Top Hits - Hiking Edition

This is my friend Jenny. Last night she took me on one of her favorite hikes. Even though I had been there before, it was still incredible to see such lush landscapes in the middle of the desert. 

There were these awesome signs towards the beginning of the trail. The arrows pointed in the direction of certain cities. Was kinda fun!

Finally we got to the dam. It's a pretty easy hike to get here and worthwhile too! It's one of the only green places in the desert. With the sound of rushing water we felt like we were transported to a tropical island! Haha!

Jenny told me that sometimes she brings a picnic and has lunch at this spot. It's surrounded by water and you have to leap across a few rocks to get here. 

After posing for a few pics we headed back to the car. The total hike only took us 45 mins but well worth it. You should check it out next time you're in Prescott. The trail is pretty easy so just about anyone can get to these "secret" spots! 

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