Sunday, November 17, 2013


There are some days when I am very nostalgic for San Francisco and Friday was one of them.  San Francisco made a 5 year-old child's dream come true by turning the entire city into Gotham City for one day.

Batman and BatKid out to destroy evil!
BatKid (his real name is Miles) is currently in remission from Lukemia and asked the Make A Wish Foundation to become Batman for the day.  San Francisco was more than happy to obliged and the whole city helped out!  Thousands of people showed up to volunteer as they watched BatKid catch The Riddler, who earlier that day kidnapped Lou Seal - the famed Giants mascot.

The Riddler was caught and detained after kidnapping Lou Seal.
They even gave BatKid a Key to the City!

Do you think the key opens doors?
 Here's the newspaper report for the day!

I'm so happy to call San Francisco one of my homes!  It truly is an open and welcoming place for all.  If you would like to see more of Batkid's adventures check out the video below:

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