Thursday, December 26, 2013

Date Night - F is for Festival

F is for Festival...a Hot Air Balloon festival to be exact! A few weeks ago I saw a LivingSocial deal for this festival and I knew we had to go! Andrew and I love hot air balloons, but I've never been close to one! 

I wanted to surprise Andrew but quickly realized I had to tell him why we needed to get up at 4am and make our way down to Phoenix. I knew he wouldn't get up if I didn't tell him and sure enough he got pretty excited! 

We didn't plan our week very well because we ended up going to the midnight showing of The Hobbit two nights before the festival. So on extremely little sleep we woke up many hours before dawn (AZ doesn't do daylight savings) and made our way down south. We arrived with plenty of time to spare apparently, because we wound up waiting in line for about 45 mins! They were operating on a ridiculous system that no one liked, but whatever. 

When we finally made it inside I became super giddy! I had never been around hot air balloons and I just think they are the coolest things ever! We managed to see quite a few balloons fill up and take off before we went to grab breakfast. Unfortunately we didn't know the schedule prior to going (the website was very sparse) and there wasn't much going on until that afternoon. 

At that point we decided to call an end to our adventure-filled morning and make the trip back up the mountains! Even though the morning was short I still had an awesome time! Just check out the photos! Haha. 

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