Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Date Night - C is for Concert

As I posted here, Andrew and I are going through the alphabet and going on a date for each letter. Originally I was planning on hitting each letter in order, but that's boring. Also I have a couple good ones lined up and didn't want to skip them just because it hadn't done the letters before them.

So...C is for Concert. A B.B. King concert to be specific! Andrew and I had such an amazing time at The Lumineers a couple months ago we decided to go to more concerts. That night we looked at our local performing arts center and saw that B.B. King was coming to our tiny town! We both got so excited we immediately bought tickets! 

There was a random long line outside the doors!  They weren't checking tickets there...I guess no one thought to check if another door would open!
We've been looking forward to this night for so long but didn't realize it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I only looked at the calendar last week and saw that we had to book it back from San Francisco to make it in time. And make it we did! 

We got free popcorn! (I had a coupon in the mail)
Dinner was popcorn and a huge gin & tonic!
It was an incredible concert. The venue was small enough it felt pretty intimate (mind you there's still probably about 1,500 seats). B.B. was joking around with the audience and gave a beautiful performance. I'm so glad that we got the opportunity to see him live. He's 88 and still touring, but who knows how much longer. It was seriously awesome! A great date to start off our ABCs!

The man himself!

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