Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Has Arrived

Its so wonderful seeing the leaves change color and the weather get cooler! What a nice change of pace from the blistering heat waves and monsoons we had over the summer months! So glad they are over! 

This is my first actual Fall. We don't really get the change of seasons in California (at least were we were) so it's nice to see the scenery change so drastically and have to pull out my sweaters! 

To celebrate we visited a local farm. Throughout October they have a huge Pumpkin Fest going on. Not only do they have a ton of free rides and a haunted house (not free unfortunately), but they have a 15 acre corn maze! 

Mini Ferris wheel for the kiddies. 

Who doesn't want to see their kid kicked off an animal!?

This is the coolest blow up I've ever seen. There are 4 blow up stands (the gray thing) that you stand on and in the middle is a blow up wrecking ball. You have to swing the ball and knock off your opponents! Awesome! 

We had to wait a little while for the tractor to come get us (complete with hay bales and everything!). 

It was a little chilly but luckily they were selling the most incredible hot apple cider I've ever tasted. 

We finally made our way to the haunted house. 

Complete with graves. I have to admit I was pretty freaked out the whole time. Andrew told me later that it was a lame haunted house, but I think it's because he was last in our group and I went first. 

Andrew and I before my pants were scared off! 

We then made our way through the corn maze! We made it in record time. Only took us 17 minutes! 

Corn maze selfie! 

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