Sunday, April 27, 2014

Watson Lake Hike

A friend and I went on a hike this morning around Watson Lake. We started bright and early so we could hike around the whole lake before she had to take her daughter to church. 

We started our loop with smiles and went on our way. 

We had to stop and take some photos of this incredible looking tree! 

Here it is again overlooking the lake. 

Silly hiking selfie. 

The weather here has been so amazing (well except for yesterday) and all the cacti have been sprouting flowers! Our hike was riddled with these beautiful plants. 

Climbing up out of the riparian zone. 

Beautiful view of the dells. 

This really was a beautiful hike! Near this section of the trail there's a few houses. What I wouldn't give to have this beautiful scenery out my front door!

Before our loop met up with the Peavine trail there was some seriously gorgeous panoramas! 

Another shameless selfie! 

When Andrew and I first moved to Arizona I never thought I would like it. I wasn't outdoorsy or active and there's not much else to do here if you aren't interested in those things. I figure all of the desert was the same - boring landscapes and too hot to handle. Prescott has really changed my mind about Arizona and being outdoorsy. I still can't get over the beautiful vistas I see everyday. The more I get outdoors the more I fall in love with our new home. 

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