Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Hair

Today marks the 6 month mark (almost to the day) to the wedding.  It's kind of scary thinking of it in those terms.  When Andrew and I got engaged I wanted a longer engagement, so we decided on having a wedding 2 years out.  It's crazy to think that those 2 years are almost up...where does the time go?  Seriously!

Well, since the date is drawing nearer, everyone keeps asking me about the details.  I never know how to answer them, because frankly I don't have the details down!  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my here's a collection of beautiful hair styles I'm considering for my walk down the plank aisle.

I have always loved the classic some-up-some-down and I think these looks are beautiful.
However, I do realize that I am getting married in the middle of monsoon season here, so I'm sure an updo might hold on a little better.

I suppose I still have time to decide on my I have yet to hire a hair dresser!  We shall see.  Either way I'm definitely going to go for curls/braids/messy/something!

As always you can check out my Pinterest for more wedding related images!

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