Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Booked

As the date draws nearer, this all just seems more and more real. A couple nights ago Andrew and I booked the most exciting aspect of the wedding - the honeymoon! Honestly, we couldn't have been more giddy! We've been tossing around the idea of a honeymoon in the Caribbean. We are both scuba divers and knew we wanted to vacation somewhere in the tropics, but we weren't too sure where. 

Who wouldn't want to scuba dive here? via

After extensively googling the Caribbean I stumbled across Jade Mountain. It's an exquisite resort, but completely out of our price range. We could stay there for maybe 3 nights! 

All the rooms at the Jade Mountain have an open 4th wall that looks out to the spectacular Pitons! via

So I kept Googling, and that's when I found Ladera - nestle into the same area as Jade Mountain, but completely obtainable for us!

Ladera also has an open 4th wall, with a plunge pool in every room! via
We fell in love with the gorgeous views and the private plunge pools. Ladera is smaller than Jade Mountain and tucked into the landscape more, but we think that adds to its charm. We decided we would rather have incredible views than be next to the beach, so Ladera should work perfectly for us!

Now we just need to decide on the activities we are going to do while in St Lucia. I can't wait to explore the beautiful island, and hopefully I can drag Andrew along for a hike or two!

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