Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend so far

This weekend has been pretty entertaining so far. This is the first time I've spent more than a dinner with Andrew's brother and its been quite a riot. Andrew had to come down to the cabin to help finish off his parents deck and decided it would be nice to drag me along. I thought it would just be me and the two boys (them working and me being left to my own devices) but it turned out Andrew's parents would be here too.

I was very happy to find this out because it meant that my soon-to-be mother-in-law could spend some girl time together. The poor woman...she's the only female in a house of men. Don't worry too much because she can more than stand her ground, but somedays you just need a girls day. 

After a morning run (I ran almost 4 miles!) and some delicious breakfast, Donna and I headed out the door. We first stopped off at the cutest bakery. 

It was filled with some of the cutest candies and cupcakes! 

Beer & pretzel flavored cupcakes! And you didn't have to be 21+ to buy! 

French toast!

Homemade toffees! 

After we picked up some delectables for dessert we made our way to the village. After what seemed like an eternity cruising the parking lot, we were able to stalk someone and snapped up their spot! 

After strolling around and running into a million dogs (seriously, everyone and their mother had their dog out with them today) we walked into the Coach store. It seemed to be our lucky day because they just opened up a bigger, better store and were offering 50% your entire purchase! With savings like that we would be foolish not to buy something! 

I've been looking for a backpack for quite a while, but was never able to find one that I totally loved. In the clearance section I found a super cute leather backpack, just big enough to fit an iPad. I convinced myself this purse would work perfectly for school. Who needs a backpack to actually carry your books right?! 

Well I was walking around the store and we crossed over to the men's section and that's when I saw the most beautiful backpack ever! A dark military green waxed canvas bag...I was smitten. And this is actually a bag I can carry things in. You know like folders and books and snacks.

I love it, and will post a pic soon!

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